a pipe used for smoking crystal meth
dude do you know where I can buy a bubble?

yeah on the smoke shop on 7th
#bubble #oil burner #meth #speed #crystal meth
by tweaker2011 January 11, 2011
1) A gas surrounded by a liquid that takes a spherical form.

2) A woman's buttocks, usually used to describe large ones.

3) A person's personal space.
1) Look Ma, I can make a bubble with this soap. Whippee!

2) Day-um! Did you see the bubble on that girl?

3) Get out of my bubble, God damnit!
#ghetto booty #badonkadonk #personal space #bubbly #not bubbly
by Senor Miguel February 11, 2006
Magical place that constitutes a temporary mental refuge
She is in her own bubble
#buble #buber #self-space #a room of one's own #prairie
by LadyV April 07, 2014
1. A (usually temporary) state of existance, in which what you see, touch, hear, feel, and smell are under close control either by those around you or a system in place of such. The term Bubbled is used to describe when a electronic device or person is remotely under surveilence.
Example 1: The United States' President is in a constant bubble because he always has advisors and security surrounding him. To get away from them would mean to leave the bubble.

Example 2:
Jill : Aren't you worried about leaving the kids home alone?
Jim: No, the house is bubbled.
#prison #surrounded #buble #freedom #surveillance
by zBondz April 04, 2011
a drug from scotland mostly, consisting of plant feeder and other unknown substances. popular with teenagers, on average, £5 a pop. also known as, m-kats, meows, etc.
'here, you getting on it tonight?'

'aye, i'll phone gav for the bubbles.'
#bubs #meow #m-kats #dundee #darth vaders
by abbbbz December 28, 2009
Smoke that is released in a burp after you are done smoking pot
Dude, I accidentally blew bubbles in front of my mom and she freaked!
#pot #smoke #burp #herb #weed
by dirtymx26 February 10, 2009
1. A Toyota Previa.
2. A minivan manufactured by the Japanese carmaker Toyota.
Short form: Bub
Mom, I totaled the bubble.
#car #van #toyota #minivan #japan #soccer mom
by thaks April 07, 2006
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