A wad/sum of cash that should be used to pay legitimate expenses such as bills or rent, but instead is spent on questionable activities like drinking, drugs and new gear.
I popped that bubble in my pocket at the bar, and now I can't pay my rent.
by Rudeluv December 31, 2009
street name for methedrone - a legal high which, when snorted up the beak or dropped will cause intense euphoria for around half an hour. Ecstasy-like high.
"Those bubbles get you fleeing like."
"Got any bubbles mate?"
by pyoordeed. November 07, 2009
Mephedrone or methadrone - a chemical used for fertilising plants, also recently used as a recreational drug. As for now it is not illegal and can be bought on-line.

Similar drug ecstasy and mixes well with cocaine (apparently ;) ). The substance is snorted like cocaine. Mephedrone is most commonly sold as a white powder or crystal form or capsules containing the powder. It can also be found in pill form.

Intended effects include increased alertness, euphoria, excitement, feeling of stimulation, urge to talk, and openness

popular in the north-west of England, easiest place to get it.
(4-methylmethcathinone (4-MMC), 4-methylephedrone)

boy1 : Are we going clubbing tonight?

boy2: yeah are we getting some bubble?


boy1: Here mate, you wanna line of bubble
by Mick Harrison Burnley January 30, 2010
a big car especially pertaining to old cop cars like Caprice Classics, Impala's etc.
ay Big J just got him a bubble and his shyt is tite!
by Dollaz October 12, 2004
A process which consists of applying shower gel to ones anus as an alternative method of lubrication when anal sex is performed on thee. The recipient (one that gets a penis insterted anally), pulls out of the sexual act prematurely due to the excruciating pain and releases a discomposed "gas" through the anus thus creating a galore bubbles and accordingly completing the process which we call "bubbles".
Oh shit! I dont have no vaseline or baby oil.. i might use shower gel and forever blow bubbles
by Pappa Rappa Duffy October 15, 2009
a ice water tecnique used for processing hash. stick your leftover trim and/or bud leaves in the freezer for about an hour while you get a bucket of ice cold water with ice cubes, a mixer, 6 or 7 mesh bags each with different grades putting the highest grade out and putting all the other mesh bags accordingly in. put your cold stash in the bag and then in the bucket, fill it ice and mix away.
pull each bag out and stain out the hash sperately for each bag. then strain the rest water in the last bag.
pete:man it took me about 5 hours to make this bubble hash.
tod:why they call it bubble hash?
pete:cuz, hit that shit, now watch it bubble with each toke.
by x December 05, 2003
1) n Your best friend. 2) n Someone you think is awesome. 3) v Awesome.
Hello, my Bubbles friend!
Heyyy bubbles!
by Kabubbler July 01, 2010

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