Used to refer to someone who is on the rise and full of potential.

Above all that is petty.

Weightless or graceful.

Friendly highly sociable person.

Bubbles is about to buss' (burst) for sure he will make it big.

Sorry to burst your bubble or ruin your high.

Above all that is petty...hover like bubbles.

As cute as bubbles
#hover #elevate #cute #blow #burst
by dahustle February 16, 2009
to make it big, blow up
"I knew me and my peoples was gon' bubble" - Fat Joe from Lean Back
#buble #blow up #raise up #come up #get big
by Duzitmatter September 30, 2006
The process of converting expensive cocaine into lucrative (and cheap) crack, usually on a kitchen stove top.
"Niggas in the hood/bubbling goods..."
Ghost Face.
by ill dun doin it January 18, 2005
woman's booty.
Damn.. have that bitch serve me a double after I smack her bubble!!
by Rah January 15, 2003
little kid word for ball sack. my brother may have coined this term.
"Mom, Lindsey kicked me in the bubbles!!"
#balls #ball sack #genitals #nut sack #scrotum
by Lindsey of VA January 21, 2009
A sheltered upper middle class white suburb where everybody grows up together in their cliques that do not end. Even after high school- they do not end.
like-- laguna beach, calabasas, parts of the valley, etc.
by Puto Gringo July 27, 2005
Noun; a hard drug. It is comprised of tomato juice, lead, battery acid, and is baked into a Spinach quiche. It's effects include: Believing you are underwater, extreme ecstasy, masturbating with a fish, and believing that you are having sex with a mermaid. The act of being high on Bubbles is referred to as "swimming like a fish" Getting high on Bubbles is referred to as "blowing bubbles" Going down from a high on Bubbles is called "bursting your bubble"
Dude, I was swimming like a fish last night while blowing those Bubbles. Man, when I got home, I was so underwater that I thought I was screwing a mermaid, but then I realized I was using a trout to 'spank the monkey' when my bubble got burst. Don't ask me how though I accomplished using a trout as a sex toy, even I don't know.
#high #drug #hallucinogen #bubbles #fish #amphibians #sober
by Mystical Chocobo October 05, 2009
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