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A branson is a term reffering to a blow job, usually in which a woman performs oral sex on a man of affluence.
That chick is a gold digger but she gives great bransons.
by ma989 January 11, 2013
A place where washed-up country music singers, one-hit-wonders, has-beens and never-weres go to die.
Tony Orlando and Dawn are performing nightly in Branson.
by MRT2 October 07, 2006
A virgin derived from the owner of 'Virgin' - Richard Branson
Person A: "Mate i horsed da life clean outta her"
Person B: "No ya didn't ya Branson"
by Big Craig aka Legend February 25, 2008
To receive a gay sex act of oral or hand releif from a recently married man.
"look at him he's itching for a branson"

by gmagic May 05, 2006
bran'sun / bran'sund

Getting a BJ or hand relief off a recently married man.
1) "I got a Branson off the next door neighbour last night while his wife was indoors taking a bath....."

2) "My boss in accounts nealt down and Bransoned me while i was standing at the photocopier yesterday"
by gmagic May 02, 2006