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a term used to describe a homosexual person who has not told anyone of his/her sexual orientation
the guy in sweet home alabama
A person that is secretly gay.
Your so far in the closet that your opening presents.
by Wthtimeizit December 27, 2009
Hiding one's true self
The girl was in the closet about her love for gaming.
He was in the closet before he told us he was gay.
by KupCakeKow January 25, 2015
in hiding ;Haven't yet shared with the rest of the world ; in secret
you guys are in the closet ... You're vey secretive
by BetchDef March 01, 2015
Someone who has a different orientation or gender identity than typical and has not yet shared with the rest of the world
Jack was in the closet about being bisexual.
by Lexus14blacklist December 01, 2015
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