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You see the new diseased video?
Yeah, what bitch picks up her phone in the middle of giving head?
by iraqigangsta March 13, 2008
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A term used to describe something amazing or awesome; used as a substitute for the surfer dude slang sick, or the hood slang ill.
Substitue for ill-

Gangsta: Yo, dat shit is diseased!

Substitute for sick-

Surfer Dude: Hey man, that was wicked diseased!
by Alien From a Distant Planet November 21, 2007
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Mess with the mind,to hard to let go,memories,INFATUATION gone extremely WRONG,an unaware heartbreaker,admired til thee end,a BAD Habit, AN ADDICTION,Undecisive,Commitment issues,Overanalysing situations,falling hard,first love,unreciprocated love,awaken the taste buds with pleasurable sugar,can't seem to get enough,OBSSESSION.
Rose:"Did i ever tell you about that time i was at the rich house with him?"
Laura:"Yea u went weak at the knees & lost your breath".
Laura:"Did i ever tell u about the time i stayed over with him & he seen his name written on my blazer?"
Rose:"Yea you did & you's went to that lane with the flowers beside the lake".
Laura:"Oh we need to quit this word vomit!"
Rose:"I know we truly are Diseased."
by CrackG July 05, 2009
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