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quite possibly the ugliest but most comfortable shoes ever. everyone wears them from babies to old farts and rich kids to poorish kids. they are very heinous looking.
person one: home ec teacher is wearing the same crocs i am!!

person two: well thats your own damn fault. stop following the trends, idiot.
by lykeomgewwww June 24, 2006
the most ridiculous markup since bottled water.
bottled water puts a fraction of a penny worth of water in a 2 cent bottle and sell it for a buck. crocs, on the other hand mold a few cents of plastic <i>with no water inside</i> into something kinda resembling a shoe, then sell the damn thing for $30.
i almost respect the guy who came up with crocs.
by zarquon January 10, 2007
the main reason for escalator decapitations.
dont wear crocs on an escalator. the soft resin can get caugt in the cracks of an escalator and cause toe decapitations. But then again, if you WEAR crocs, then you probably should get decapitated.
by Justo Busto September 28, 2007
The ugliest "shoe" ever made. Coming in a variety of fruity colors, it is a disgrace to see any male over the age of 8 (or under the age of 50) wearing them. Costing pennies to make, then marked up by about 5,000%, these "shoes" make you look like a dumbass.
1. If I ever buy crocs, please shoot me in my face.

2. I gave my crocs to a homeless person, but he threw them out.
by Noltons7 August 20, 2009
Hidious but revolutionary shoes made of Croslite polyurethane—an antimicrobial resin that (contrary to anecdotal evidence) resists odor. The clasic clog is made several colors with and without holes and with and without straps. More and more styles(even boots) are about to hit the market. Ugly is comfortable.
My daughter said my Crocs look soooo gay, but I ask "Why should the gays get all the comfort?"
by Hugo the Great October 05, 2006
In a minority (but still alot) of people's opinions: crocs are the most ugly shoes they have ever seen. Made of rubbery material, these "shoes" (/sarcasm) are like slippers, except with oddly shaped holes on the top. Did I mention they also come in assorted colors too?!
I just cannot see how some people I personally think with a good taste of fashion could possibly fall for these.

HOW KUTE!!!!! /more sarcasm
Crocs Girl: Hey Katie, check out my new crocs. Aren't they gorgeous?!
Normal Shoes Girl: Uhh yeah...^^"
Crocs Girl: I couldn't decide whether I wanted pink, or baby blue, so I just got them both!! -insert girly laugh here-
by Disclaimed August 24, 2007
those stupid brightly coloured neon shoes everyone wears...well, not as much anymore....everyone wore them 2 years ago, it was quite the fad.....they are neon rubber shoes that cost $0.50 to make and sold for $50.
look at that....another idiot kid wearing those stupid crocs.

that store is making a killing selling crocs....but boy are they ugly
by CurvedMirror July 10, 2008
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