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to be able to jump high. hops
He gotta nice cross over; plus he got bounce.
by Jermal McDaniel March 10, 2005
What fat ppl do (no offence :P)
Cor blimey look at that bitch bounce!!
by Lucy D March 16, 2004
To leave. More specifically to leave with haste.
Dude, the D's are here, we need to BOUNCE!
by Smartfood August 28, 2003
when u leave
lets bounce dis is whack
by aint notin but a g ting August 28, 2003
to call out an other person to fight
you bump into to me and spilled my drink, lets bounce outside !
by hotrod September 12, 2006
Move from one relationship to another
She was bouncing from guy to guy
by dr p August 12, 2005
a word used by drug dealers or customers when reffering to an ounce of puff, coke etc, and not wanting it to be obvious.
yes bruv u cool, me n scott need a bounce for 2nite.
by big Ess May 23, 2005