To leave. More specifically to leave with haste.
Dude, the D's are here, we need to BOUNCE!
by Smartfood August 28, 2003
to call out an other person to fight
you bump into to me and spilled my drink, lets bounce outside !
by hotrod September 12, 2006
Move from one relationship to another
She was bouncing from guy to guy
by dr p August 12, 2005
The way Jane Williams boobies jiggle. Ya just wanna give her a big hau hee
To go up and down faaast
by Beth January 10, 2005
To bounce, to drop/throw and object and have the object come up again.
"Damn bitch i luv whacthin those titties bounce like a basketball!"
by eric nyhuz May 25, 2004
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