What fat ppl do (no offence :P)
Cor blimey look at that bitch bounce!!
by Lucy D March 16, 2004
the phrase used to describe the movement of a fine woman's body parts.
That chick's jigglers got some bounce.
by Phizil August 28, 2003
to leave
to have sexual intercourse
We need to bounce before my mom gets home.
I bounced with that chick/guy all night.
by b-money August 28, 2003
basically, leave. but when people say usually say bounce, they mean "LEAVE BIZNATCH!"
make like titties and bounce!
by The Mr Needles Experience September 16, 2007
1.) Weed, ecstasy, PCP, etc…
2.) A good tyme (time)
1.) "We got more bounce in California, than all ya'll combined!"
2.) "Chea! That was a chyll chill) time... we gotsta bounce lyke that more!"
by That boy, Timmy October 23, 2006
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