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The way Jane Williams boobies jiggle. Ya just wanna give her a big hau hee
To go up and down faaast
by Beth January 10, 2005
6 10
To bounce, to drop/throw and object and have the object come up again.
"Damn bitch i luv whacthin those titties bounce like a basketball!"
by eric nyhuz May 25, 2004
1 5
to leave a place
yo I'ma bounce in a few
by Monkey January 31, 2004
5 9
the phrase used to describe the movement of a fine woman's body parts.
That chick's jigglers got some bounce.
by Phizil August 28, 2003
5 9
To get kicked off or kicked out
"I was bounced from the server."
by Caroline Lienhardt August 28, 2003
4 8
to leave
to have sexual intercourse
We need to bounce before my mom gets home.
I bounced with that chick/guy all night.
by b-money August 28, 2003
18 22
basically, leave. but when people say usually say bounce, they mean "LEAVE BIZNATCH!"
make like titties and bounce!
by The Mr Needles Experience September 16, 2007
1 6