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A word majorly used by the major Victoria Beckam.
"My solo career was so bad it was major."
"My career with the Spice Girls was major."
"OMG that shirt is major."
"This is so major i love it."
"My husbands goal was major."
"I dont like it, it's majorly shit."
by majorly major August 18, 2007
An adjective used to describe something to the highest level of fierce, awesome, beast, etc. Mainly used by Posh, the hot and sexy Victoria Beckham.
"There was this woman in a powder blue trouser suit, SHE was MAJOR."

"Does this look Major."

"You're Major."

"I'm going to pick out a house, it's going to be totally Major."
by DVBcelebritard March 20, 2008
Geoffrey thinks killing Tom Goodman is major funny.
by TGKF July 30, 2003
Another word for awsome.
"That was major"
"You major(ly) got owned"
by TheSeaShell October 28, 2008
We call "major" to people whose parents are rich.
There is the major inside his ferrarri!
by maxxim333 January 27, 2010
A giant hypocrite that will shit on you constantly but if you use his logic he says he doesn't understand
God stop being such a major
by Karateeeee Koiiii March 01, 2015
The leader of a football firm. Every firm has a major.
"I'm shitting the Westham v. Millwall match...I hear united have a brutal major!"
by bclindsey August 22, 2008
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