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1) an expression, or perhaps more appropriately, action of excitement, happiness, joy, etc. This interpretation is usually favored when asterisks are placed on either side of the term, i.e., *bounces*.

2) without the asterisks, bounce usually refers to the act of leaving.
1) I got the job! *bounces!*

2) I'm bored. Let's bounce.
by wandersfar January 31, 2006
7 8
another word for yayo or llello
man that was sum ill bounce we grabbed last night
by Big JF December 06, 2005
1 2
to leave a place/and or situation.
yo mah bitch is raggin i gotta bounce
by mm_smack March 23, 2005
2 3
To hit switches in a car with hydraulics/bags/air suspension/etc.
Yo, look at that car bounce.
by Eric January 07, 2003
6 7
raw ability to catch bangs( dunks) in basketball games.
You seen this nigga at open gym, he has supreme BOUNCE.

This dude caught a put-back, wow, 100% Raw bounce
by killaj5 November 23, 2006
2 4

1) The thing to say when it is time to leave

2) To leave a situation quickly and timely

3) Also to "bounce out of here"
"You've eaten all the samples from whole foods today, let's bounce."

"The cops are coming Let's BOUNCE"
by Rabies* September 09, 2006
3 5
verb. to nod your head (and/or your entire upperbody) to a phat hip hop beat. Best done well sitting as an alternative to dancing. Especially good to do in the car.
I was sittin in my car one day and some Mike Jones came on and I started to bounce. Some kook gave me a look, and i told him to get out my chips n' shit.
by Bri10 November 03, 2005
5 7