To hit switches in a car with hydraulics/bags/air suspension/etc.
Yo, look at that car bounce.
by Eric January 07, 2003
n. Someone who patrols the internet and thinks they own it.
Normally go on websites that they are restricted on because of age. They are sarcastic, and think they are funny. Normally age 14 and under, they draw all enjoyment by being dicks and and watching free porn.
Uh, this moderator is such a bounce!
by thecaojin January 26, 2010
The thrill someone gets out of doing something mischievous, devious, or secretive, such as sneaking around someone's house or property knowing there's a chance of getting caught.
Jack said "the door's locked lets go...John replied "where's the bounce in that?"
by d loc December 04, 2007
raw ability to catch bangs( dunks) in basketball games.
You seen this nigga at open gym, he has supreme BOUNCE.

This dude caught a put-back, wow, 100% Raw bounce
by killaj5 November 23, 2006
The term given to making your hand and elbow pivot up and down from your shoulder, used as a greating on some occasions. It is commonly used by people that may think they are cool, but actually look extremely gay.
SuP CHeE! (Bounce arm movement)
by Aaron G-Dawg June 18, 2006
the act of leaving a random sexual partner's bedroom once climax is complete and things become awkward...usually by means of a lie
I need to take my insulin shot in a few hours so its best if i just bounce
by Natron November 14, 2005
to be able to jump high. hops
He gotta nice cross over; plus he got bounce.
by Jermal McDaniel March 10, 2005

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