a word used by drug dealers or customers when reffering to an ounce of puff, coke etc, and not wanting it to be obvious.
yes bruv u cool, me n scott need a bounce for 2nite.
by big Ess May 23, 2005
To leave somewhere in a hurry.
Lets bounce before they find us.
by kyle March 21, 2005
1) To have sexual intercourse
2) What us poor people's cheques do when we try to cash them
3) A ghettofied way of leaving
1) Jane and Jack bounced ALL NIGHT LOOOOONG!
2) Woman: "Umm, I'm sorry ma'am, but your cheque has bounced. You have insufficient funds."
3) Tyrone had to bounce before his peeps rolled up to smoke-up on da M-J.
by Blueknightess March 24, 2005
The act of leaving somewhere do to inhospitable conditions
This is a major sausage party lets bounce.
by El Jefe The Great January 10, 2005
when u get dissed out by thinking someone
is giving you props but then BAM reversal
the person who is going to get bounced has just said something stupid ("earlier today i did a mean ass jump on my bike") but they think its cool. then u pretend to go "oh yeah cool" with a hand shake. but when they reach to shake, you go 'BOUNCE!!!'
and pull your hand away and they get bummed out.
by karlos karlito March 25, 2004
yeah, bounce is all that, PLUS the System of A Down song with the same name. and if u think of the lyrics, its meaning is not far from wat u wrote in here ;P
i went down on a date
with a girl, a bit late
she had so many friends
gliding through many hands
by jenna October 27, 2003
The way a woman's tits jiggle when she moves. :^B
Damn. That babe walking down the street has got to be wearing no bra because she has a really big bounce on every step.
by urban pervert April 29, 2003

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