To mar or mess up a newly painted surface, usually refers to fingernails.
As she reached for the door, she boofed her freshly manicured fingernail.
by debee55 February 05, 2009
an exclamation of excitement or suprise. popularized in philadelphia amongst the hessian community.
>overheard in relapse records<

man burns off eyebrows playing with lighter

longhair #1 to longhair #2 : "boof!"
<hot girl w/ nice butt walks by 2 long hair party animals>
"dude... Boof!"
by justin on parole December 17, 2008
the conscious but accidental act where a guy involuntarily blows his load in his shorts
when lebron dunked on kobe i seriously boofed myself
by moubre4 December 07, 2008
to smoke weed or to get high
-Man, i was so boofed last night.

-Hey sam, lets go boof
by John45623 June 11, 2008
A flatulent noise caused by air trapped between the breasts. Similar to queef, only breasticular instead of vaginal.

*Note that this very rarely happens unless the chest size is a D cup or larger.
Susie tried desperately to conceal her loud boof, but everyone around stared in disgust as a flatulent noise emerged from her chest.
by Black Eyed Suz May 20, 2008
(verb) 1Stealing, taking without permission from a company or an individual. 2An expression used to show excitement.
1: Yo I just boofed mad shit from my job son.
2: BOOF!
by Jay-Ham April 01, 2008
A wee little fart that escapes from your vaginal area and smells like beans.
Oh, excuse me a boof just escaped... no I am not cooking beans why?
by Tessandra January 19, 2008

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