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To funnel wine (ie. Yellow Tail Special Reserve Merlot) into one's own rectum, sometimes resulting in death.
That guy from Bethlehem boofed wine? Hes's dead! Dammnnn...
by phdspecial_reserve March 12, 2009
a big poof sounding fart
I was just sitting here after lunch and I boofed!
by bigboofer09 February 23, 2009
To mar or mess up a newly painted surface, usually refers to fingernails.
As she reached for the door, she boofed her freshly manicured fingernail.
by debee55 February 05, 2009
an exclamation of excitement or suprise. popularized in philadelphia amongst the hessian community.
>overheard in relapse records<

man burns off eyebrows playing with lighter

longhair #1 to longhair #2 : "boof!"
<hot girl w/ nice butt walks by 2 long hair party animals>
"dude... Boof!"
by justin on parole December 17, 2008
to smoke weed or to get high
-Man, i was so boofed last night.

-Hey sam, lets go boof
by John45623 June 11, 2008
A wee little fart that escapes from your vaginal area and smells like beans.
Oh, excuse me a boof just escaped... no I am not cooking beans why?
by Tessandra January 19, 2008
to hide valuables in a tube that is then hidden further by shoving the tube up one's vagina
bob: omg did u hear about the female inmate who boofed a cigar tube with money in it?

chuck: no i didnt
by mikeloveskylah December 05, 2007