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A kitty that you get high on a regular basis. You take a hit of weed and blow your smoke in the kitty's face. After a while the kitty is a stoner just like you. It knows when you are about to get high and hangs out by you when you are packing the bowl or rolling the joint waiting for you to start blowing hits at it. It likes to get high. At first kitties don't like it when you get them high, but after a while they love it.
Jadice is such a stoner kitty. She follows the pipe around the circle from stoner to stoner waiting for her turn.
by temporalwisard October 23, 2007
A stoner kitty that grew up.
You remember Jadice my stoner kitty? She's a full grown stoner cat now.
by temporalwisard October 23, 2007
The amount of weed that fits in your bong. Like in a pipe you smoke weed by the bowlful. In a bong you smoke weed by the bong load.
My roommates and I smoked 8 bong loads last night.
by temporalwisard October 23, 2007
Noun. A burn hole in any fabric caused by a burning ember of pot. It could be in your clothing, furniture, automobile upholstery.
I dropped the cherry off my doobie and burned pot holes in my new shirt and the couch.
by temporalwisard October 23, 2007
Verb. To blow into the bong causing bong water to shoot out. The last person to do this at your house becomes the pot ass.
My buddy from work became the pot ass last night, he booffed it all over the carpet.

Hit this bong, but don't boof it or you'll be the new pot ass.
by temporalwisard October 23, 2007

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