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being stupid or dumb
isaac your being fucking boof!
by mark granados October 31, 2007
i person (guy) who just a friend with a female
That jesse is a damn boof
by yaba daba doo August 06, 2007
Someone who engages barebacking in public places
okcomputer78: would you let a guy or a girl BOOF you?
Seema36: sure why not
by Willa Zea November 26, 2005
Also known as a booth.
Would you like a table or a boof?
by Kevin Tha Fridge September 23, 2011
The action of running past another individual in a race;
Synonym for "owning someone"
He just boofed on you
by mlavs November 08, 2010
if while smoking a bowl one is to cough and blow the weed everywhere, they boofed.
"dont boof", sauce
by sirripsallot June 12, 2009
Hair with extraordinarily frizzy and bouncy qualities. Usually curly
Your hair has a lot of boof.
by McLol2008 November 24, 2008