to smoke weed or to get high
-Man, i was so boofed last night.

-Hey sam, lets go boof
by John45623 June 11, 2008
A flatulent noise caused by air trapped between the breasts. Similar to queef, only breasticular instead of vaginal.

*Note that this very rarely happens unless the chest size is a D cup or larger.
Susie tried desperately to conceal her loud boof, but everyone around stared in disgust as a flatulent noise emerged from her chest.
by Black Eyed Suz May 20, 2008
To make a fool of one's self in the presence of others. Most individuals that boof frequently should be called out by their true friends. Excessive boofing means you are probably a sucker.
"Dude, you definitely boofed all over the floor when you tripped over your own damn feet...what a sucker"
by kozworth April 15, 2008
(verb) 1Stealing, taking without permission from a company or an individual. 2An expression used to show excitement.
1: Yo I just boofed mad shit from my job son.
2: BOOF!
by Jay-Ham April 01, 2008
A wee little fart that escapes from your vaginal area and smells like beans.
Oh, excuse me a boof just escaped... no I am not cooking beans why?
by Tessandra January 19, 2008
A small piece of hash, an indefinite measure. This may be anything from a small crumb to a large peice. It depends how nice your friends are and how often you've mooched them.
Man, could you give me a little boof? I'm all out and I'm dying for a smoke
by Mozi December 30, 2007
being stupid or dumb
isaac your being fucking boof!
by mark granados October 31, 2007

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