1: n. Germanic warlord/mercenary from 1500-1700 A.D.

2: adj. pertaining to Germanic warlord/mercenary from 1500-1700 A.D. barbaric.

3: n. An unclean individual who attempts to portray himself as hypermasculine. Predominant in 1980s U.S.A. Common traits include dirty mullet hairstyle, pathetic facial hair, tight fitting acid-washed jeans, black vintage metal tee (cut-off sleeves optional), and "ticking-timebomb" demeanor. Hobbies include stealing bikes, metal, and whoopin' ass. A hesher.

4: adj. of or pertaining to a hesher.
1: The hessians helped the British fight against the U.S. during the Revolutionary War.

2: In a hessian manner, the savage devoured his meal in under sixty seconds.

3: Don't mess with that hessian. He'll go apeshit and gnash his tooth.

4: He released his hessian aggression not through stomping a mudhole in your ass, but by shredding a badass guitar solo even Dave Mustaine would envy.
by Joe Wise February 26, 2004
That guy at the show who shouts "Slayer" repeatedly, holds a beer in one hand in the pit, and takes off his shirt fifteen minutes into the first band's set.
I wanted to go to the Dying Fetus show but quickly decided against it because I knew that there would be too many Hessians there.
by AdamXXX October 21, 2005
1) A person who is proud of being a fan of heavy metal music. A headbanger.

2) German soldiers from the state of Hesse who were hired by Britain to fight in the American Revolution
I was at a Slayer show last night and there were a lot of hessians there.

George Washington sure knew hoe to kick some Hessian ass!
by Slayer6669 July 05, 2010
A long-haired individual that listens to heavy metal music, circa-1980 to 1990's.
I saw a group of Hessians congregating in the parking lot.
by sickoflookingforaname August 05, 2011
Rocker, Stoner, F-dude or F-chick type.

Ok, Come on guys we all know the "Germanic Mercenary Fighters" definition but this is URBAN-DICTIONARY not Websters history class! If you don't know the Urban Meaning then leave it to the professionals.

This term was widely used during the 80s to denote a white-trash stoners or rockers and yes most of them did have dime-bags, mullets and AC-DC Tee-Shirts!

They typically listened to AC-DC, Van Halen, Bon Jovi and Early Metalica.
Dude! did you see all the hessians in the park playing Hackysack?

I saw a hessian with the sweetest Knee-High Moccasins. I need to get a pair of those babies.
by kuernodechivo January 20, 2010
A grungy, if not outright dirty metalhead who wears combat boots, ripped up stone-washed jeans, long greasy hair, and can be found at starter-metal concerts and metalcore shows.
I kicked these three hessians in the head when I was in the dance pit.
by Seppuku Smile July 09, 2003
Hessians were a counter culture movement in the 90's. A typical Hessian would have long hair, and wear either jeans that had holes, or pants that were made into shorts with a pair of scissors, and they would fray at the bottom. Hessians were the first to popularize cargo shorts. They would also wear boots, hemp and sea shell necklaces. They would put lots of stickers on their guitars, use duct tape on drum sticks, etc. Hessians were about partying and having a good time.
Wayne's World is about the Hessian rocker culture.
by theeng November 22, 2010

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