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A stupid, dumb, and/or annoying person. Basically a gweet
Boy 1 - "Dude, wtf, did you see what that girl just did?"
Boy 2 - "I know, man, she's such a boof."
by M@r$h@a@ October 08, 2009
15 30
To be hit squarely with a pillow during a pillow fight. Derived from the sound made when solid feathers-to-face contact is made.
"Wow, I got boofed big time by that couch cushion!"
by jpreston4 August 20, 2009
27 42
Term for sexual intercourse, derived from the imagined onomatopoeia of the involved thrusting. Alternatives include 'boff', as used by Gene Hunt in the series Life On Mars.
bill and jane have been going out for ages, have they boofed yet?
by superhedge May 31, 2009
21 36
boof is a noun commonly used in the pirate world to refer to a special drinking cup similar to a pimp cup in the ganster world or sometimes refers to a flask.
Yo ho, yo ho, and a boof of SOCO.
by Billy Blades March 29, 2009
8 23
Also can be known as methamphetamine.
He picked up on half a teener of boof.
by mr.530 March 24, 2009
8 23
the phenomenon where a bubble of air is inside the urethra and is slowly expanding until it pops and causes the sound of gas releasing
Dude, that was the loudest boof i have ever heard
by killr kyle March 20, 2009
1 16
To funnel wine (ie. Yellow Tail Special Reserve Merlot) into one's own rectum, sometimes resulting in death.
That guy from Bethlehem boofed wine? Hes's dead! Dammnnn...
by phdspecial_reserve March 12, 2009
4 19