to fart

one of those words that sounds really weird after saying it over and over again for a little while
"EEwwww that guy over there won't stop boofing!"
boof. boof. boof. boof. boof. boof. boof. boof. boof.
by mmmmdelicious January 11, 2007
It means to place an object in your ass. A word commonly used in prison when sneaking drugs inside. Often confused with "cheek" which means to just place the object inbetween the butt cheeks but not actually in the asshole.
That hardcore gangsta had to boof a bag of weed to sneak it past the guard.
by Zylo July 08, 2006
To have a wank, i.e. jackoff
Im goin out back for a boof
by kosdjoisahgougho November 07, 2005
Another name for Methamphetamine; Meth; Speed; Crystal; Glass; Crank; Tweak; Yaba; Desoxyn®. Can also be used as an adjective.
Noun. "Hey I just scored some awesome boof"

Adj. "Boof it up!"
by sysrq October 25, 2005
A fat chick
also boofa
You were so wasted last night, you were totally hitting on that nasty-ass boof.
by gumz October 21, 2005
Also known as a booth.
Would you like a table or a boof?
by Kevin Tha Fridge September 23, 2011
adorable boyfriend.
person 1: "who are talking to?"
person 2: "my boof."
by bayliz May 05, 2011
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