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Descriptor for the act of bumping fists, usually performed in celebration.
Dude 1: "Dude, we were just chosen to judge a wet t-shirt contest."

Dude 2: "Bonks."
by George T Harrison July 10, 2008
Bonk is the slang word used in hawaii for the english word "ditch".
It is mainly used by "dirty kids" on the westside of Oahu in the town known as Waianae.

It can also be used to describe something that you dont like.
English educated speaker..
Hey Andy, why did you ditch me the other night at the dance? I was looking forward to dancing with you.

Waianae slang speaker..
wat andy you faka! why you wen bonk me da oddah night at da dance? i wanted fo dance witchew!

That weed I smoked last night was so bonk.

Josh I want my $10 back. That party was bonkin, I should have just stayed home
by mamichula808 June 03, 2010
A very old outdated term for sex. It was once considered cool to say bonk in 1996 but if you use the term today you will sound like a douche bag.
"I want to bonk that girl with the scrunchy on," said the loser with a boner.
by lola24 April 07, 2010
Sex with no strings attatched or a quicky with your partner.
Hey, fancy a quick bonk
by FishNeck May 29, 2008
1. to drive one crazy or absolutely mad

2. another version of the word bonkers
"That new kid is so cute that it drives me bonks!"
by JohnnyVonFurstenberger February 19, 2006
The black version of bunk
Gurl that guy right durr is so bonk!
by Joary July 23, 2013
A Black country (English area)slang term for Little Hill
I`m going for a walk up the bonk
by Rag arse July 01, 2011