1. Have sexual intercourse with.
2. To hit, particularly hitting a person on the head.
3. During the hayday of MUDs (Multi-User Dungeon games, text-only roleplay like adventure games played mostly over the net) a commonly said or done action as a sign of mild disapproval or for no particular reason. Polite convention require(d/s) the bonked individual respond by saying oif. Some believe not doing so will upset the bonk/oif balance in the universe, with great consequences. Not saying "oif" is somewhat akin to a ( without a ) or unmatched quotation mark. The practice is still somewhat alive on IRC and (to an even lesser degree) other means of net chat. It has, however, to a large degree been replaced by the fish slap.
I totally bonked her yesterday dude.
Shut up or I'll bonk you're head.
y bonks x. x says "oif!"
by Patrik Lundin October 05, 2004
A highly potent energy drink usually bolstered with several radioactive isotopes, with flavors for two teams--RED, and BLU.

It's a favorite of the Scout.
Dude, stop using the Bonk! It's almost as bad as the FAN.

by Furries and Limeade February 05, 2010
A very old outdated term for sex. It was once considered cool to say bonk in 1996 but if you use the term today you will sound like a douche bag.
"I want to bonk that girl with the scrunchy on," said the loser with a boner.
by lola24 April 07, 2010
intercourse; to have intercourse.

British usage. Somewhat similar to "boink" in the U.S.
I bonked a girl last nigh; later it felt better when I bonked my bf.

Hey, dude, do you bonk her more than once a day?
by stsebastian November 28, 2009
the fun word for sexual intercourse
Jade and Darrick are in the process of bonking right now
by Leah Moss February 15, 2007
To strike someone with a foreign, hard plastic object. A bonk will usally result in a loud "crack" if performed corectly. A well place hit on the elbow, head (skull), knee, or spine will result in a red inflammed welt which will be sensitive to the touch for hours.
"Yesterday Jeff bonked Bert in the side on the head with his nalgene in the hall"

"If you you don't shut your fucking mouth im going bonk you with this broken "bop it" i got a garage sale last week!!
by Hershcle February 21, 2008
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