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an expression utterd when hitting some one when playing the game "bonk". the game bonk is simply when some one responds to a question you ask, you smack them and say bonk. eventually the person should realize whats going on, and the game is spread.

the game is especially captivating on planes and buses.
suggestions: don't start a game up with people who are significantly bigger than you, or people that irritate easily.
by sleepisbetter June 12, 2003
20 20
the fun word for sexual intercourse
Jade and Darrick are in the process of bonking right now
by Leah Moss February 15, 2007
1 3
to have sexual relations;
to engage in extramarital intercourse with a woman
I totally bonked Phil's mom last night.
by Jim McDermott March 12, 2006
12 15
to describe money
"I only got 5 bonks"
by doug the hair guy & nene June 12, 2009
1 5
noun. 1) Penis 2)Sex
1) Look at the size of his bonk. 2) I want to bonk you.
by sillylittlefatman March 21, 2009
1 5
when somet is bad

this game is bonk
this game is bonk
school is bonk
by martin mccann January 11, 2007
4 8
not worth the time; lame; boring and uneventful
I went to Chuck Norris party, but left because it was bonk.
by PBJT July 10, 2008
1 7