"To have feelings for a special person in your life. Such as bonk, the sound your dingaling would make upon feeling attraction to something."
"EX 1: Will you have bonk for Tiffany?"

"Ex 2 : Dude, she is so hot I think I have bonk for her..."
by potato_in_anus October 04, 2012
The only word that describes a black girl booty. Many females show off their bonk by wearing tight jeans and boots with fur. It's the perfect, fat, drool in your mouth booty. You'll know when you see one
Tom: dude all these black girls butts are poppin.

Jeff: no their not butts Tom, their bonks

Tom: oh, I never seen so many bonks shake!
by Ling the ming August 11, 2012
A term used to describe something awesome.
I found a sack of lollipops, it was bonk.
by Mr predictable June 15, 2012
An adjective placed on the end of a sentence to emphasize it's good or bad characteristics.
man that test was bonk! (negative)

HOLY FUCKING SHIT! your mum is bonk!! (positive)
by HC DUBYA! October 25, 2011
intercourse; to have intercourse.

British usage. Somewhat similar to "boink" in the U.S.
I bonked a girl last nigh; later it felt better when I bonked my bf.

Hey, dude, do you bonk her more than once a day?
by anglophile-4u November 28, 2009
To strike someone with a foreign, hard plastic object. A bonk will usally result in a loud "crack" if performed corectly. A well place hit on the elbow, head (skull), knee, or spine will result in a red inflammed welt which will be sensitive to the touch for hours.
"Yesterday Jeff bonked Bert in the side on the head with his nalgene in the hall"

"If you you don't shut your fucking mouth im going bonk you with this broken "bop it" i got a garage sale last week!!
by Hershcle February 21, 2008
An automated forum bot with emoticon capacity. A post count of 49,999 will cause a reroll.
Bonk crashed and won't be back up untill tomorrow.
by Steve Roberson May 03, 2005

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