The black version of bunk
Gurl that guy right durr is so bonk!
by Joary July 23, 2013
the fun word for sexual intercourse
Jade and Darrick are in the process of bonking right now
by Leah Moss February 15, 2007
1. to drive one crazy or absolutely mad

2. another version of the word bonkers
"That new kid is so cute that it drives me bonks!"
by JohnnyVonFurstenberger February 19, 2006
an expression utterd when hitting some one when playing the game "bonk". the game bonk is simply when some one responds to a question you ask, you smack them and say bonk. eventually the person should realize whats going on, and the game is spread.

the game is especially captivating on planes and buses.
suggestions: don't start a game up with people who are significantly bigger than you, or people that irritate easily.
by sleepisbetter June 12, 2003
"To have feelings for a special person in your life. Such as bonk, the sound your dingaling would make upon feeling attraction to something."
"EX 1: Will you have bonk for Tiffany?"

"Ex 2 : Dude, she is so hot I think I have bonk for her..."
by potato_in_anus October 04, 2012
The only word that describes a black girl booty. Many females show off their bonk by wearing tight jeans and boots with fur. It's the perfect, fat, drool in your mouth booty. You'll know when you see one
Tom: dude all these black girls butts are poppin.

Jeff: no their not butts Tom, their bonks

Tom: oh, I never seen so many bonks shake!
by Ling the ming August 11, 2012
A term used to describe something awesome.
I found a sack of lollipops, it was bonk.
by Mr predictable June 15, 2012

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