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Originally coming from Dungeons and Dragons where players would need to roll dice to generate character stats and attributes. The term later was incorporated when making a new character in MMORPGS.
I'm gonna reroll a Cleric for my friend's campaign.

by The Lemur May 27, 2008
42 9
In a Role Playing Game, short RPG, which can be a computer game including an MMORPG or pen and paper.

1. To abandon a character and create a new one

2. To abandon a character and create a new one of a certain character class.
1. "If you're playing a paladin, just reroll."

2. "They nerfed my druid, I'm gonna reroll hunter."
by Benjamin N.P. May 06, 2008
43 10
Ecstasy after a proper 3 weeks come down to restore serotonin
Swim rerolled and now is super depressed
by mcNugit March 03, 2010
12 10
A homemade cigarette made with the remaining tobacco twisted out from several smoked cigarette butts, then all of the tobacco is then rolled in a rolling paper.
Gather up all the ashtrays and we'll make a re-roll.
by Uncle Beasley April 03, 2006
11 9
After smoking a cigarette one rerolls the leftover tobacco into a new cigarette.
Damn, I hate smoking rerolls.
by thanumba1loser January 10, 2012
2 8