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a ponytail holder or hair tie, often very decorative with gathers. Can be solid or patterned. Usually made of fabric. Name comes from Scünci, a company which makes many types of hair products including ponytail elastics, etc.
Nothing would hold my straight hair back until I found this awesome scrunchy!
by GGP May 11, 2006
Magical scrunching rubber band missles...which are awesome
"oh no, Dont shoot those scrunchies at me,it will really hurt!"
"have merycy"
by ruthieemilykirstenLANDY October 21, 2008
The New Jersy white ghetto version of a cock ring. They cum in all colors and sizes.
"Joey-bag-O-donunts" favorite color Scrunchy is white because it matches his Iroc and favorite pair of Rebok high tops.
by Sofa King Stupid May 12, 2008
A slang word for a person's arsehole.
Person 1: 'Have you ever noticed a person's sphincter looks quite like a scrunchy.'
Person 2: 'Now that you mention it, yes it does.'
Person 1: 'So in that case, I put it in Lisa's scrunchy last night.'
by CH405 May 28, 2010
Grabbing a man's scrotum from behind and pulling it up through his ass cheeks, thus leaving him with a scrotum-wedgie.
Jimmy said that Ocho Cinco is the second best receiver in the NFL, so I gave him a scrunchy as punishment for his ignorance.
by Homotron April 02, 2007
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