A person of the female gender who resembles a skeletal structure. These persons typically endulge in the punk rock scene.
"Dude check out Bones and he new mohawk"
by Jon March 02, 2004
crappy shit, or just lame,
K: dude, did u c it

S: No, was it bones

K: yea it was bones

(good 2 use arnd parents who dnt allow u 2 say crappy or shit
by PUNK0YEA January 23, 2010
To be in a state of near anorexia and albinoness.
A Person who owns expensive, tight jeans which disable the ability to walk up stairs.
That guy is a bones, dude
by Ren Jacobs September 11, 2006

kevs bones
by anonymous124555 January 26, 2009
A term used by stoners to let the group know that the bowl is finished.
"it's bones, pack another"
by optionthree December 11, 2008
a piano, keyboard or anything with keys used in a band
Harry on Trumpet, Felix on vocals, and Ollie on bones
by Large Pianist March 22, 2006
n. Joints, "j's." (Also nickname for Yale's secret society, Skull & Bones)
Muffy: Fred would you kindly pass the Bone, I want to get China eyed, and fast!
by ALEXfromExeter July 25, 2005

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