a piano, keyboard or anything with keys used in a band
Harry on Trumpet, Felix on vocals, and Ollie on bones
by Large Pianist March 22, 2006
n. Joints, "j's." (Also nickname for Yale's secret society, Skull & Bones)
Muffy: Fred would you kindly pass the Bone, I want to get China eyed, and fast!
by ALEXfromExeter July 25, 2005
A term used to end a conversation. Synonymous with 'goodbye', but with more street cred. See also one.
Person #1: I'll talk to you later. Cool?
Person #2: Aight. Bones.
by Kristomie April 13, 2005
The 2nd single off of The Killers sophmore album Sam's Town.
"Don't you wanna come with me?
Don't You wanna feel my bones
On your bones,
It's only natural"
by Mrs Brandon Flowers June 07, 2007
tall skinny man, good at giving head in sprinting season (all year round)
bones went down for the block start but instead found doug down.
by bonestrum September 30, 2006
Pizza crust left over from someone who does not eat the crust.
Person A: Can I have a slice of pizza?

Person B: No, but you can have my bones.
by Blowfish July 30, 2005
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