1) a woman willing to leave a party to sleep with a man -- treated as the man's trophy.

*Used mainly in context with the term dog referring to a man at a party who is only there to take home a girl.
"Greg's taking his bone home! A-wooo!"

"Guys will go for any old bone now-a-days, won't they?"
by gred64 November 23, 2014
The name of a particularly skinny individual, made from just skin and bones.

A Bones usually loves spending lengthy periods of time in the sun, and/or tanning himself by other means - i.e. sunbeds.

A Bones has a very unusual diet which consists mainly of salted chips and breaded meats, and/or pizza. Usual allergies include tea; coffee; coke and vegetables.

Oft called by names which rhyme with Bones, i.e. Fones, Zones, Ringtones, Puglet, Sun-lizard.

Often struggles at fantasy football.
"He's all bones that boy"

"Bone-saw's ready"

"Where's Bones?" "Tanning".
by Blackpanther June 12, 2012
A dangeous man... wiccan and voodoo back ground. A ladies man than seems simple but is very complex. there is much more than meets the eye.
Double D?... We used to call him bones
by alan d. s. January 07, 2012
An expression to describe a very attractive person.
Wow, that girl is a B one!
by PokePokePoke April 12, 2011
created by roger upton in 1999 it is a congradulatory hand gesture of knocking knuckles with another person
guy 1:dude i just aced my exam
guy 2:sweeeet bones
by durable January 30, 2009
"Throw Dem Bones!!!"
by Rayman October 05, 2003
The Nickname Of A Skinny Kid That Is Freakin' Awesome
How's It Going Bones
by lespaulT April 23, 2008
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