Dollar bills. Dollar bills or dicks.
I suck bones for bones.
by Foxhole Atheist July 12, 2005
1. Cigarette or Joint
2. To fuck a female
3. One Dollar or 10 or 100 (varies)
1. "Man I need a bone right now."
2."Dude I'm gonna bone the shit out of her"
3. Guy 1 - "How much?"

Guy 2 - "12 bones my friend."
by Kushboy15 May 13, 2010
bolocks, naff, not very good
holy shit this party is totally bone
by kinner May 06, 2007
something or someone that is, dumb , stupid , or retarded.
Commonly used by rednecks.
"That math class was so BONE"
by Peenan February 15, 2007
Completely lacking, as in dry or dead
My tank is bone dry.
by Piano Composer April 29, 2006
To have a problem with someone. It is usually referring to a characteristic you don't like about them.
The only bone I have with Mike is that he talks shit about some people that don't deserve it.
by Janis March 16, 2005

1) Dice. Note that this sense is never used singularly - you never roll "a bone", you roll "the bones". Origin unclear - but I suspect it has something to do with certain voodoo in which a practicer would cast bones for fortune telling.

2) Monetary units, usually US dollars. Used for high numbers generally. Origin again unclear here, but possibly alludes to an arm and a leg.
2) Dude, that designer shirt is gonna cost you fifty bones.
by ke6isf January 31, 2005

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