Pizza crust left over from someone who does not eat the crust.
Person A: Can I have a slice of pizza?

Person B: No, but you can have my bones.
by Blowfish July 30, 2005
A Nickname Used To Describe Really Really Skinny Ppl. Often Used to Describe People Who Dont Eat Or Choose Not To Like Anorexics And Simon
Aha Bones!
by Diablo February 21, 2003
1. Cigarette or Joint
2. To fuck a female
3. One Dollar or 10 or 100 (varies)
1. "Man I need a bone right now."
2."Dude I'm gonna bone the shit out of her"
3. Guy 1 - "How much?"

Guy 2 - "12 bones my friend."
by Kushboy15 May 13, 2010
something or someone that is, dumb , stupid , or retarded.
Commonly used by rednecks.
"That math class was so BONE"
by Peenan February 15, 2007
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