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To leave
Hey man I'm fixin to bone out.
by Wolff87 July 31, 2003
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to leave, get out. similar to that of "peace out"
"ayeee, you gonna bone out soon?"
"yeah man"

"lets bone out"
by chelsaphresssh March 05, 2008
to bone out means to leave
just in case a few niggas try to trip
bone out, put on my ski-mask
and come back blastin
by 2502258 November 14, 2004
a word meaning to leave somewhere. It comes from pulling a boner from a vagina
hey bro, im gonna bone out noew. se ya
by ticklemelobsterfoo March 17, 2006
to run away, especially from the police or after doing something wrong
we had to bone out as soon as the cops showed up
by armerfersleep March 31, 2007
what you do when the rubber tears
last night i had to bone out, when the cheap circle coin broke
by frankenpimp February 10, 2004
During sexual intercourse between a male and female, when the male is able to thrust his penis with enough velocity and just at the right angle to exit the female's body via the rectum.

A bone out can also occur in sex between two males. When the penis of the thrusting male is forced through the rectum and out of the urethra of the receiving male, a male on male bone out has occured.

Women and receiving males are also capable of achieving the rebuttal to a bone out, which is known as a bone in.
Dude, I don't understand why she didn't let me bone out. Obviously it's painful, but you have to respect those who are able to achieve a full BO...

Wow I got boned out in the prison shower... Yyyikes...
by SpenSpenni January 17, 2011

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