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another name for a black male
since when is a brotha play ice hockey?
by Chomes McQuenzie December 05, 2005
A term in Urban Slang for one's male friend.
Jimmy is my brotha.
by Anonymous August 16, 2003
What Dog the Bounty Hunter says after every sentence. (He means it in a religious sense)
(ridin' in Dog's van.....)
Dog: "Were goin' to take you to jail now you gotta promise to stay clean, brotha."
Stoner: "K man...."
Dog: "Amen, brotha."
by K8 B November 18, 2006
1. A male
2. Ones brother
That's a sexy looking brotha.
by Chocolate Princess July 05, 2003
Variation of brother.
Oh brotha! Where art thou?
by noisy joy August 30, 2003
(a.k.a. brotha').

Ebonics, or urban black American slang for "brother".
Yo whassup, my brotha.
by AYB February 08, 2003
This is the TITLE ONE spelling of Brother. Mostly found in the hee-haw region of Massachusetts. Special ketchup eatin' folks use this word to call out to each other
Hey Chief
Hey Brotha
Whats going on dude
Not much
Right on.
by RAY ACE August 25, 2010
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