A cut open cigar filled with some sort of narcotic.Usually Dope or Dro
Pass the blunt to the nigga on the left.
by Matt April 17, 2003
a real blunt has fuck all to do with cigars it iz made from tia stick ( its a type of grass) hash plant leaves and the oils extracted from hash ( you find it in you bongs n pipes) you use the leaves as skins (rolling papers) to roll up the tia stick then u use the oils to stick it together like the gum on skins then you leave it till the leaves dry out thn u smoke it and get fukin wasted cigars paked way grass is like a blunt but its not a real blunt
real blunt has no cigar in or around it

fake blunts are made from cigars

if you dont belive me fuck you a know how tae get high
by numba1stoner August 07, 2008
A fan, or anyone connected with Sheffield United Football Club
My mum, Tom Ross...,...,... are blunts
by mr smith March 06, 2005
joint, marijuana
Jimmy was smoking a blunt
by jimmy July 08, 2003
That green shit that makes people especially indian asian and asian asian have paranoid trips. (when together) *cough cough*
just playin'
The way after effects are good... how good... find out
A.A.: damn mon that shit made me so fuckin' paranoid
I.A.: yeah mon, that ain't eva happen to me before
A.A: Did i just call my grand-ma? or maybe i called my aunt? or maybe it was my mama.. *puzzled*
I.A.: shit man stop askin' me dat! maybe it was your grand-ma...naw it was yo auntie! *extreamly puzzled*
by smurfy May 19, 2004
sumtin u can roll weed in
u break it open n take da tobacco out den put da weed n it
A dawg roll up dat blunt before i cut u
by Kiki aka Baldhead May 02, 2005
a marijuana joint
Yo bitches , blunts, and forties wit my homies
by huddog December 28, 2002

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