Blunts are cigar paper (or tobacco leaf) re-rolled with marijuana inside and then smoked for extreme pleasure and excitement.
Yo man i just rolled this fat blunt!
aw ye
by yogurts November 23, 2009
special cigar paper you can buy in the coffeeshop filled with the finest dutch weed.
Smoking my blunt in the mall cuz it's legal! hahaha sucker ass Americans
by DICE3 April 28, 2003
wraps of tobacco filled w/ the finest of ganja (aka reefer, marijuana, mary jane, stank, dank, grass, dope, or just plain weed)
ay niggah *suut suut* pass that shit right chea. *suut* yeah niggah, bring over that fat ass Philly *suut* blunt niggah *suut suut*
by masterofmachismo April 21, 2003
Marajuana rolled with cigar paper.
If you say "man that blunt was effective" i know youve never smoked weed you fucking nerd outcast so shut you poser face
by shoeless joe March 25, 2003
something that gets you high as a mo fucker
i love weed, definitly when you roll a fat ass blunt
by ZAC M. March 27, 2007
how hard can it be its a cigar with mari-j-uana in it damn you people just smoke the damn thing and get it over with!!!
if it doesnt stick to your fingers your are smoking some weird ass shit (probably oregano)... blunts are the only way to get high man and you should know that
by sir smoke alot:) May 01, 2003
1. A short cigar, usually wider in diameter.
2. A mixture of tobacco and weed rolled in a "blunt wrap" to look like a cigar. This term lost it's meaning about 5 years ago, now many people roll blunts with just weed and no tobacco, usually resulting in a skinny looking cigar, (unless you roll big).
3. A joint rolled with the paper or leaf wrapper of a cigar.
"yo think big J pick us up some blunts to go wit this chron?"
by derek November 19, 2003

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