blunts; a female gang. bitches; like; us; never; take; shit.mostly around the chitown area,
girl 1: hey kayla.
girl 2: whats good.
girl 1: wanna be in a gang?
girl 2: sure.whats it called?
girl 1: blunts;
by lala March 06, 2005
A drug that gets you high
"Stephen Fritz Smokes Blunts"
by Steve Fritz#1Fan April 19, 2006
fat sack o' weed (also look up fatty)
i was smokin a fat blunt
by Kottonman April 11, 2003
A big,fat joint,It has nothing to do with cigars you little homos.
Fuck I hate kids today.
A Blunt
Hey dude pass me that blunt
by I Am Tim Allen February 06, 2015
Not sharp, having a dulled blade or rounded finish, may be used metaphorically to describe a person who is not subtle in their manner or techniques, or, more pejoratively, someone who is unsophisticated.
My kitchen knife was blunt but after I used the new knife sharpener from (insert brand here) it sliced through the tomatoes easily.
Pathologist: "The victim was killed with a blunt instrument"
You: "you mean a viola or something?"
Pathologist: "no, I mean a baseball bat, that one over there actually with all the blood and hair stuck to it".
Q: "...not that I'd expect a blunt instrument like you to manage that without killing everyone Bond"
Bond (James Bond): "Oh fuck off Q you sad old fart"
by VAC_Associates January 19, 2015

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