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This word is basically the word "what". Except for the fact that it has four "a"'s and no "t".
Whaaaa is a word to show confusion, shock, or just to show that you have no idea to what just happened. The word "Whaaaa" usually has a question mark behind it.
Paul: "I can't believe that just happened! Did you see that?!
Doug: "Whaaaa?"
by notnickiminaj January 04, 2011
An expression used when people are extremely confused, bewildered, or flabbergasted. A 1 up on what.
John: Hey, bob! I just got an extra arm!

Bob: Whaat?

John: Oh its fine, They weren't using it anyway!

Bob: Whaaaa!?!?
by MasterofSpandex January 23, 2014

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