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high as a muthafucka, after smoking a blunt
"Me and my man got blunted"
That cat is blunted!
by ImmaculateMatt March 05, 2003
397 91
being under the influence of marijuana after the use of what is called a blunt, or cigar paper filled with bud.
stoner 1: how are you feelin?

stoner 2: man im so blunted.
by stylin rta December 25, 2006
126 38

1. Although a verb, it is actually the the inability to take action
2. The result of being so high from smoking a blunt you can no longer perform physical activity
3. Associated with the inability to close the jaw and keep eyelids open.
Bob - "Hey can you give me a hand with these dishes?"
Blunted individual - "Whaaaa............ too blunted man"
by kaicrowe September 29, 2011
33 19
A term used to express or acknowledge how high on weed (stoned) of either yourself or a friend.
Person 1: Duuude yesterday i got high as fuck on some dank shit and then i ate 2 whole boxes of goldfish crackers and watched flapjack for 5 straight hours

Person 2: Blunted
by I Chink Im Cool November 28, 2011
10 13
The feeling that follows smoking a blunt. It usually makes one feel tired, weak, out of energy and like you have been "blunted". A much stronger doped feeling than smoking from a pipe or bong.
Friend: Dude, you wanna play a game of baseball?
Stoner: Nah man, I can barely move, I smoked a fatty blunt a little while ago and i'm blunted.
by Devilweed February 28, 2008
38 57
A state achieved after smoking excessive amounts of marijuana, resulting in one's movement being noticeably restricted.
"Mate are you OK?"

"Man, I'm so blunted! I hit that bong too hard man!"
by nicomate! July 29, 2009
23 52