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high as a muthafucka, after smoking a blunt
"Me and my man got blunted"
That cat is blunted!
by ImmaculateMatt March 05, 2003
being under the influence of marijuana after the use of what is called a blunt, or cigar paper filled with bud.
stoner 1: how are you feelin?

stoner 2: man im so blunted.
by stylin rta December 25, 2006

1. Although a verb, it is actually the the inability to take action
2. The result of being so high from smoking a blunt you can no longer perform physical activity
3. Associated with the inability to close the jaw and keep eyelids open.
Bob - "Hey can you give me a hand with these dishes?"
Blunted individual - "Whaaaa............ too blunted man"
by kaicrowe September 29, 2011
A term used to express or acknowledge how high on weed (stoned) of either yourself or a friend.
Person 1: Duuude yesterday i got high as fuck on some dank shit and then i ate 2 whole boxes of goldfish crackers and watched flapjack for 5 straight hours

Person 2: Blunted
by I Chink Im Cool November 28, 2011
The feeling that follows smoking a blunt. It usually makes one feel tired, weak, out of energy and like you have been "blunted". A much stronger doped feeling than smoking from a pipe or bong.
Friend: Dude, you wanna play a game of baseball?
Stoner: Nah man, I can barely move, I smoked a fatty blunt a little while ago and i'm blunted.
by Devilweed February 28, 2008
A state achieved after smoking excessive amounts of marijuana, resulting in one's movement being noticeably restricted.
"Mate are you OK?"

"Man, I'm so blunted! I hit that bong too hard man!"
by nicomate! July 29, 2009