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cigar cut open and emptied out and then rolled tightly wiht murja in it.
roll that blunt and roll it tight, make that motha fucka last all night..
by Jacob Jenkins March 03, 2005
The most effective way of smoking bud
Damn, that blunt was effective.
by Ro0ke December 10, 2002
A marijuana (Ganja) Cigar almost garunteed to get u hi (unless u got some bap shyt)
Damn man, thats a fat ass blunt of that Kronik shyt
by WeedMann June 22, 2003
weed rolled up into a tabacco leaf
come over here and hit me up with a blunt
by linzi & celia June 01, 2003
tabacco leaf used for rolling marijuana
yo, i smoked a huge blunt
by bash December 12, 2003
A cut open cigar filled with some sort of narcotic.Usually Dope or Dro
Pass the blunt to the nigga on the left.
by Matt April 17, 2003
a real blunt has fuck all to do with cigars it iz made from tia stick ( its a type of grass) hash plant leaves and the oils extracted from hash ( you find it in you bongs n pipes) you use the leaves as skins (rolling papers) to roll up the tia stick then u use the oils to stick it together like the gum on skins then you leave it till the leaves dry out thn u smoke it and get fukin wasted cigars paked way grass is like a blunt but its not a real blunt
real blunt has no cigar in or around it

fake blunts are made from cigars

if you dont belive me fuck you a know how tae get high
by numba1stoner August 07, 2008