how hard can it be its a cigar with mari-j-uana in it damn you people just smoke the damn thing and get it over with!!!
if it doesnt stick to your fingers your are smoking some weird ass shit (probably oregano)... blunts are the only way to get high man and you should know that
by sir smoke alot:) May 01, 2003
1. A short cigar, usually wider in diameter.
2. A mixture of tobacco and weed rolled in a "blunt wrap" to look like a cigar. This term lost it's meaning about 5 years ago, now many people roll blunts with just weed and no tobacco, usually resulting in a skinny looking cigar, (unless you roll big).
3. A joint rolled with the paper or leaf wrapper of a cigar.
"yo think big J pick us up some blunts to go wit this chron?"
by derek November 19, 2003
A cigar filled with green. (Not brown;brown doesn't count. You know, like Todd's/Valley weed.)
by Mich & Ash May 09, 2003
cigar cut open and emptied out and then rolled tightly wiht murja in it.
roll that blunt and roll it tight, make that motha fucka last all night..
by Jacob Jenkins March 03, 2005
The most effective way of smoking bud
Damn, that blunt was effective.
by Ro0ke December 10, 2002
A marijuana (Ganja) Cigar almost garunteed to get u hi (unless u got some bap shyt)
Damn man, thats a fat ass blunt of that Kronik shyt
by WeedMann June 22, 2003
weed rolled up into a tabacco leaf
come over here and hit me up with a blunt
by linzi & celia June 01, 2003

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