An Ugly boy or girl who is over emotional and rude.
usually bad personality and ugly
God Katie is such a blum

Goddamnit stop being so blummish
by Katie2234343434343 December 05, 2010
a person who is always clueless and allergic to nearly everything
Me: hey lets throw peanut butter at that kid.
Friend: no that wouldn't be right he is a B Lum. He is allergic, plus he wouldn't even know what happened.
by Ryan Babikian January 03, 2007
Bloody cum. When seamen is ejaculated which contains blood.
Christian has ruined another pair of pants because of blum.
by Paul Chapman May 18, 2008
v. To throw the rules of grammar out the window during an attempt to convey a message (generally written) to another party, creating an unintelligible mess of correctly-spelled (though often incorrectly capitalized) words that nonetheless carry no meaning in their present jumbled form.

(blummed, blumming)

n. The act of having blummed ("commiting a blum") or the resulting jumble of words ("look at that blum")
Email from 1: "Someone Stacked Removed Blue Recycling Bin and Trash Bin Please Return"
(2 approaches 1 later)
2: Dude, what does this note mean? You blummed all over the place.
1: Oh, I had my trash bin and recycling bin stacked outside my door and now they're missing. Have you seen them?
by aahhelp June 17, 2009
bloody cum, usually associated when one recieves a rainbow
There was blum all over the bed after the hardcore sex.
by Jackyln March 26, 2005
Noun. a blowing motion given to one person or animal by another person on the neck. Once a Blum is started, it can not be stopped. Before you give someone a blum, you have to say blum blum blum blum to the tune of your favorite song. The best strategy against a blum is to just take it right away, because blums can not be stopped
-Dude no get the fuck away
-Just take it once a blum is started it can't be stopped
-fine bitch
-Blum blum blum
by conwad January 27, 2007
of muppet like appearance (perhaps Brazilian Sesame Street)

unstable muppet that could snap at any instance (or ill reference towards Brazil)
He looks rather blum today. For the sake of our safety and sanity, leave that mother fucker alone.
by gwailo March 09, 2005

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