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A freelance bio-exorcist who works with ghosts to scare the living out of their houses.
He can be seen lurking around small scale models of towns.
Hey there goes Elvis! Looks Like I'm next.
I used to watch Beetlejuice in Chillicothe and then play excitebike
by ThE LaTe JC March 22, 2005
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A favorite guest on the Howard Stern radio show who is an African-American midget with an unusually small head. His catch phrase is saying "Me?" after being asked questions. Also known for giving outrageous answers to simple questions (ie. What number comes between 2 and 4, his answer "36".).
He believes he's 6'7" 480lbs when in reality he's 4'8" 92 lbs. Real Name is Lester Green. Has been in a few movies including Scary Movie 2 and Bubble Boy. His website is
by Poopy McCallister III Esq. July 30, 2003
A Tim Burton Film. And also the best film ever made. A clever and diverse way of looking at the recently deceased. A freelanced bio-exorcist.
Lets go smoke some dope and watch that film by tim burton called beetlejuice.
by Jody Conway April 20, 2005
To mention someone who you haven't seen in a while. Particularly someone you(and others) don't wish to see.
First girl: "I haven't seen crazy crack-y Jackie in a while."

Second Girl: "SSSSSSHHHHHH.. Don't beetlejuice, her, I don't want her showing up here!!!"
by hairjedi June 18, 2008
A fat African-American man with messed up teeth, he is 3 feet, 2 inches and is also known as Siyani. His street fighting move is called the Siyani-Grab. This is where he takes his hand and grabs the opponents Testicles until they rip off.
" Dude Beetle Juice is one small retarted midget, he smells awful."
by Sausage April 09, 2005
a cracked out midget with the most messed up teeth ever. goatizzles role model
beet with friends and a stripper for two bucks!
by bo/krunk October 05, 2003
Antics that you do or say is not the ordinary in other words crazy mentally not stable.
Yo I got this friend that's beetlejuice he just says the wrong things at the wrong time.
by Kick5k February 04, 2010
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