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When you're at a child's party at a Long Island bowling all and inadvertently grab a cup of beer and spill it on your tits.
"Oh man what just happened? She's blumming all the beers."
by WhoMeNever March 31, 2015
The act of sucking out a females ovaries through oral sex and then redistributing them into the woman's mouth with yours. Sometimes this occurs by force.
Curran: Hey, Deepti, you wanna get a good blumming?

Deepti: No thanks, I'm too much of a bitch for that.

Curran: Too bad.

*comences blumming*
by Asscabbage McGee July 01, 2013
To screw up.
To screw someone in the ass
to screw someone over.
"Look at that guy, he's blumming Mike out of money for his kids"
"I wish Terri, Dennis,and Nick wouldnt have blummed me out of my Xbox 360"
by Mike T 26101 July 31, 2007
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