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discribes An amazing friend with a silly personality. would never betray you. the type who can be friends for life...think it started when everyone had a friend named siara or sierra or cierra, ciara ect. Siara is used to discribe a person who is the true definition of a friend
whoes all coming?
just me and my Siara
by mariah0001 May 09, 2010
siara is usally the fun outgoing person in a group of people.a common name for not a bitch,has a nice body,is kinda kinky and hot.usally a hot brunette with hazel eyes. great in bed and has an amazing smile. can model and has awesome legs. is athletic and has awesome hair. very talkative... doesnt put up with nobodys shit!
guy#1:hey whos that hot athletic chick
guy#2:thats siara
guy#3:ya shes a total siara
by hot volley chick February 05, 2010
siara means a very rude, inconsiderate, and stubborn person... in other words - a jack ass
That wuz very siara of you to say that.
by sparkles February 10, 2005
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