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microsoft windows
by Anonymous September 19, 2003
166 42
A building which does not contain horses.
The stable was unstable. The unstable was stable.
by flob October 14, 2007
82 29
a word that describes a horrorcore/acid rap/wicked shit/hip hop/ RAP GROUP based out of Virginia
I found music @ www.unstableonline.com for unstable.
by Unstable terret April 21, 2011
19 8
someone who is unpredictable but yet irresponsible
No one should with someone who is unstable because they can cause problems for you in the long run.
by Gerard Irick November 01, 2010
19 10
Substitute for any word, meaning like mentally unhinged, or mad or awesome......
Dude..thats unstable!...
or man that songs unstable i luv it!
by unstable child October 30, 2005
22 24
Being pathetic, disgusting, and not able to support oneself.

"You are so urbandictionary"
by Urban dictionary.com hater September 12, 2003
15 43