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1) Enlisted Navy servicemen.
2) Whom am I trying to fool? It's actually a clever way of saying semen, cum, jizz, jism, man milk, spunk, cream.
What is big and black and is full of seamen?... A submarine!
Donna enlisted in the Navy and now she likes seamen even more!
by Hugh G Rection August 02, 2006
343 64
one who serves in the navy
Don't have sex with those seamen, you know they go from port to port.
by Papawood December 08, 2003
118 39
Possibly the worst super hero name ever
The adventures of seaman...............in your mothers ass womb
by randomnessperson March 21, 2007
96 45
The name of Lewis and Clark's dog, who was eaten during the expedition.
When the expedition went over the Bitterroot Mountains, they became so hungry they had to eat Seaman.
by Slutty Old Man March 22, 2004
75 50
A Sega Dreamcast video game created by Yoot Saito released in the year 2000 in which the player keeps and evolving Egyptian carp with a human face and an antennae that eventually evolves into a frog with a human face and an antennae. The palyer is able to interract with the creature by talking to it with a microphone.
Yesterday I went to Jimmy's house to play seaman. It was awesome.
by garkmilst January 19, 2009
30 19
A slang for cum when he is sailing in orgasmic fluids. one individual thread of semen.
Yo get this sea man out of my eye
by Eduardo January 10, 2005
13 3
A flaming super-hero who wear purple tights.He thinks he is a hero of the sea but in reality he's a flamer with a flaming name.
Look! it's SEA-MAN....*everyone laughs*
by RAD 8] April 26, 2003
12 6