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A moment in time were a stupid action is done or a stupid question is asked that only blonde people would do. Blonde moments happen to any one.
Example1: the teacher explains that you have to write what is on the board, and then the teacher asks "Any questions" and a student ask "what do we have to do?"
Example2: a student comes in late then asks "can i go to the bathroom?"
Example3:when you repeat something some one said in class seconds after the person said you just had a blonde moment
by Emir Lopez February 10, 2008
A societal stereotype is that blondes are less intelgent than average, a blonde moment is an occurance of a blonde person doing or saying somthing stupid.
Buffy asked "where are my keys?" when they were in her hand, a total blonde moment.
by carlbear October 02, 2003
when a blonde has a moment where they don't understand anything
"you're stupid"
"i don't understand"
by tozza September 28, 2003
A specific moment when one acts blonde.
by Addiy March 28, 2003
an action/event/happening that makes a person look so dumb and/or retarded, that they don't even realize it, and gain the iq of a blonde person.
Hey, did you see Tyler get the shit beat outta him over a pen?
Yep, he had a blonde moment.

You see that arguement that Alex and Mike had?
Yeah, Alex was havin' a blonde moment...
She was pissed about him taking her pencil, when she never had one.
by david7777 March 17, 2008
er..um...can't think
er..um...can't think
by natural blonde October 03, 2003
A term that refers to the day in 2004 when millions of 'dumb' Americans voted in George W Bush for a second term
What?? George W Bush was voted in again?? - those Americans sure must have been having a 'blonde moment'
by Dem O'crat January 30, 2008