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A mythical cat that comes in at night and shits in your mouth usually after a long night of drinking or muff diving.
Mike: "Hey, did you guys see the cat."
Jay: "What cat?"
Mike: "The cat that shit in my mouth."
by RogueAviDog August 15, 2006
Slang for the woman's vagina (or pussy)
Made popular by Sir Mix-A-Lot's song "Sprung on the Cat"
"Dont pet the cat if you just met the cat. If you're sprung on the cat, you might as well eat it."
by Ratchel the Dinosaur August 18, 2009
The most perfect, elegant, regal beast you will ever own. These fantastic felines have a reputation for being evil and snobby, that however, is pure nonsense. Their beautiful sharp claws are merely the most advanced weapons of modern weaponry. Their teeth, pointy and more timeless than a vampire could ever be. Their so-called "arrogance" is an example of their superior intelligence. You will never own a greater living thing than The Cat.
by Le Cat Womeness August 12, 2012
A man who is considered asexual and harmless by women.
During a shopping trip with his female friend Jen, Ed was asked to help undo Jens bra. There was nothing sexual in this act - in fact, to Jen Ed was The Cat - so completely asexual and harmless that the idea of being naked around him didn't even register to her.
by KCH May 14, 2008
When a man look so dope girls wanna suck his wam bam
Yo man you look the cat and you don even know
by SHP hockey October 27, 2009
Originating from Longwood University, 'the cat' is a contruction site where the kids go to partake in illegal activities...
Where do u wanna go?
-The Cat.....-
by Anonymous April 19, 2005
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