used to refer to an action, event or behavior that stands as testament to sub-human intelligence or, worse, a lack there of
The woman who mistook the cattle prod for a vibrator experienced a blonde moment.
by Nick Copola September 29, 2003
severe case of missing the bleeding obvious
No, I'm not having a 'blonde moment'!! You can't fit that many cocks in my arse!!... oh wait... your right, you soooo can!
by sphincter basha June 26, 2011
When someone who isn't blonde does something stupid, or forgets something obvious.
"Duh! Blonde moment!" said the brunette, after tripping over the cat.
by funkyseaweed October 05, 2003
when a blonde haired person does something ditzsy,clumsy,stupid,etc.
Wow I just fell on my face!Whoa Im having a blonde moment!!
by Anonymous October 02, 2003
a moment that blondes have when they suddenly go stupid..but then they get not-stupid after a minute...(you dont have to nessisarely be ''blonde'')
skylar:what is 2+2?
Blonde:um 5
skylar:no 4 you idiot!
blonde:oh sorry blonde moment
by skylar October 05, 2003
An instant of such complete idiocy that it could only be perpetrated by a blonde.
The entire class froze when the dumb blonde yelled out "Viva Mexico!"
by Anonymous October 02, 2003
When something possesses you to say something really stupid
If I could fly, I would teach penguins how to...whoops, *blonde moment*
by jeeeeew October 01, 2003

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