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"Cheer Up Emo Kid" is the phrase said to a person who is feeling emotionally down over one thing or another.
"My boyfriend and i are losers"
"Cheer Up Emo Kid"
by tozza September 28, 2003
exactly the same as Burger King... just better... like, it actually tastes good... and it's in Australia... you heard me!!
"Yo, burger king is shit, yo!"
"Yer, let's go Hungry Jack's!"
by tozza September 28, 2003
when a blonde has a moment where they don't understand anything
"you're stupid"
"i don't understand"
by tozza September 28, 2003
added to spring rolls
"3 spring rolls please"
"Ow!! My stomach lining!!"
by tozza September 28, 2003
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