When something possesses you to say something really stupid
If I could fly, I would teach penguins how to...whoops, *blonde moment*
by jeeeeew October 01, 2003
Something that doesn't actually exist. Something made up by dumb people of another hair color so they could blame their own stupidity on their "blonde" alter-ego or whatever.
Melissa: I set the vacuum cleaner on fire! I must have been having a blonde moment!
Me: No, you must just be stupid.
by annaBanana3 June 20, 2005
To do something incredibly stupid without realising it. just like dumass blondes
Person1: *ues nail gun on own hand as opposed to the fence*
Person2: *points and laughs* You dumass
Person3: Jesus whats wrong with him
Person2: He had a bonde moment
by Pliars September 28, 2003
a period in time where one perfoms in an atypically air-headed fashion
Frank is usually an alert student, he must have been having a blonde moment when he failed that exam.
by Pumice T October 03, 2003
An occaision of a very not-bright action or oration
I didn't mean to say 2+2=5. I must have been having a blonde moment
by Jason McCoy October 02, 2003
when someone who is not usually ditzy acts like a total ass; when you feel the need to act like Britney Spears
i usually act like i have a brain, but right now im having a blonde moment
by kate September 29, 2003
What my wife has when she puts my dinner in the oven and FORGETS TO TURN IT ON.
Her "Here, its a bit dark this night-time business isnt it"
Him "Er... obviously - you having a Blonde moment or something?"
by Captain Zap September 29, 2003

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