The young person's equivalent to a senior moment, it is when an other wise intelligent person temporarily loses their train of though and gets disoriented ... the way a blonde goes through most of life.
Person 1 (age 25): I can't find my eye glasses.
Person 2: They are on your head!
Person 1: Must have been having a blonde moment.
by Mo Fo October 03, 2003
A societal stereotype is that blondes are less intelgent than average, a blonde moment is an occurance of a blonde person doing or saying somthing stupid.
Buffy asked "where are my keys?" when they were in her hand, a total blonde moment.
by carlbear October 02, 2003
when a blonde has a moment where they don't understand anything
"you're stupid"
"i don't understand"
by tozza September 28, 2003
an action/event/happening that makes a person look so dumb and/or retarded, that they don't even realize it, and gain the iq of a blonde person.
Hey, did you see Tyler get the shit beat outta him over a pen?
Yep, he had a blonde moment.

You see that arguement that Alex and Mike had?
Yeah, Alex was havin' a blonde moment...
She was pissed about him taking her pencil, when she never had one.
by david7777 March 17, 2008
A specific moment when one acts blonde.
by Addiy March 28, 2003't think't think
by natural blonde October 03, 2003
used to refer to an action, event or behavior that stands as testament to sub-human intelligence or, worse, a lack there of
The woman who mistook the cattle prod for a vibrator experienced a blonde moment.
by Nick Copola September 29, 2003

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