the non-lyrical musical accompaniment to any rap/hip hop song.
Max drops beats like nobodies business
by krevin May 25, 2007
to fuck someone
i went to my girlfriends house to get that beat.
by big rod November 14, 2003
An alternative word for 'best'. Meaning great, awesome, and truly superb. Originating from a musical beat, being a central focus, full of rhythm and life.
'Aww babe, that's so sweet, your the beat!'
'No YOUR the beat! <3<3<3'
by thebiochemist February 05, 2010
Describes an item or situation that is considered tight or krunk. Usually used as another way of saying something is the best or beats everything else.
Ex. #1
"Man those new shoes he had on were beat"

Ex.# 2
"The club was beat lastnight,there were so many hot girls there."
by A Jam March 16, 2008
When something is uncool, lame, dumb, ugly, boring. Anything that is displeasuring.
Thats Beat.
Your Beat
Homework is Beat.
That shits Beat
by cxxzz March 02, 2011
Verb,Adjective- To utterly suck, a shituation. Sometimes used in combination of Fucking Beat!
Bossman- "Hey Ryan, listen... You doing anything special tonight?
Ryan- Umm, Yeah I'm about to
Bossman- Ok Great! You need to work for me tonight.
by Alfie82 December 07, 2008
(1)v. Instrumental for a song.
(2)v. To steal or rob something from someone.
(3)v. To have sex.
(4)v. To masturbate.
(5)v. To win.
(6)v. To fight someone roughly.
1. I got big shoes and little feet. Every song I do sound like the Milli beat. - Mr. Carter Spoof
2."You got beat for 20 bucks."
3."She finally let me beat the other night."
4."No ass so I had to beat my meat."
5.Philly beat Atlanta and are going to the Super Bowl.
6."I beat that kid about the head and face.
by tazzieboo September 01, 2008

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