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someone who is very ugly.
particularly a crusty ugly person.
wow that person is BEAT!
omg they are SO BEAT!
corey hedden is soooooo BEAT!
by PaRenTaL PaRiS December 12, 2006
A term coined by Jack Kerouac in the 1950's. Jack once defined the term: "sympathetic".
A good representation of the beat movement is the novel "On The Road".
by hhmmmm August 05, 2006
a '50s literary movement that produced many a great novelist, and many a hack poet
Bukowski was a great writer, but his poetry is pedestrian.
by Peter Parker November 13, 2003
extremly ugly, discusting, most likely shortened version of "beat with an ugly stick".
Guy #1 - mann you were so drunk last.
Guy #2 - Yeah man that chick you took home was beat.
Guy #3 - Okay give me some slack, I had my beer goggles on.
by bowski11 July 02, 2009
To hit the skins;Wax dat ass or To make love
Yo When am i gonna Beat Ma?
by Ta-Ta October 02, 2003
1. To get screwed on a drug deal.
2. When you give the dealer the money and he tells you "I'll be right back man" and he takes off with the cash.
man I just got beat for $60
by Rumiam November 04, 2009
the non-lyrical musical accompaniment to any rap/hip hop song.
Max drops beats like nobodies business
by krevin May 25, 2007