A table-drumming game played by two or more people (usually not more than three or four) in which each person is given about 30 seconds to perform a beat on a table or hard surface. Sometimes referred to as "table beats" or simply "beats". Is played for similar reasons as rock, paper, scissors & other assorted boredom-reducing games.
"Hey man, let's play beats."

"You kicked my ass at beats last time"

"Playing beats while high kicks ass"
by energy turtle January 24, 2008
someone who is very ugly.
particularly a crusty ugly person.
wow that person is BEAT!
omg they are SO BEAT!
corey hedden is soooooo BEAT!
by PaRenTaL PaRiS December 12, 2006
extremly ugly, discusting, most likely shortened version of "beat with an ugly stick".
Guy #1 - mann you were so drunk last.
Guy #2 - Yeah man that chick you took home was beat.
Guy #3 - Okay give me some slack, I had my beer goggles on.
by bowski11 July 02, 2009
A term coined by Jack Kerouac in the 1950's. Jack once defined the term: "sympathetic".
A good representation of the beat movement is the novel "On The Road".
by hhmmmm August 05, 2006
To engage in sexual activity
"Yo man im gonna beat with this dime piece tonite"
by Meika February 23, 2005
To hit the skins;Wax dat ass or To make love
Yo When am i gonna Beat Ma?
by Ta-Ta October 02, 2003
1. To get screwed on a drug deal.
2. When you give the dealer the money and he tells you "I'll be right back man" and he takes off with the cash.
man I just got beat for $60
by Rumiam November 04, 2009

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