When something is uncool, lame, dumb, ugly, boring. Anything that is displeasuring.
Thats Beat.
Your Beat
Homework is Beat.
That shits Beat
by cxxzz March 02, 2011
The strong combination of sound and silence that makes up the deep, repeated sound heard during a piece of music. Heard most easily in R&B and Rap.
I'm trapped in a beat.
by Bastardized Bottomburp August 25, 2003

1. A term use do describe the genitalia of a hyper-sexually promiscuous female. (see: tore up)
2. Extremely worn out, or used.
3. Anatomically beyond redemption.


4. To engage in rough sexual intercourse.
5. To demolish one's sexual partner's orifice using one's penis as the tool. (see: destroyed, pounding)

6. The act of masturbation. (see: fap, choking the chicken, jerking off)
1. Deon: Hey bro, how'd that date with Tifa go last night? I'm so jelly! She's hot.

Dre: It was aight, bitch is pretty beat tho.

Deon: Aww shit man.. well I mean I can kinda see it now. Sorry bro.

Dre: It's all good. Bitch can suck her a good dick, and swallows.

2. Terra: Hey girl, how'd your date with Doug go last night?

Yuna: Girl, he beat it up! Omg! This is the one, I can feel it.

Terra: That's what you said about the last one, lol. Wasn't this your first date?

Yuna: Like, shut up and help me find something to wear tomorrow.

Terra: You're so bad!! Tee-hee! Oh, this red one will go good with those Pradas.
by sOCIODEMENTIA December 16, 2013
a word to describe something or someone who is cool to the extreme. often used in dance when something is mindblowing!
dude, you are so beat. you murdered that dance!
by spacejamm February 22, 2011
This word, or "phrase" is commonly used among Gay Black Men when referring to someone's face--especially when it comes to female impersonators. Contrary to other entries on here regarding this word, in this instance being "beat" is actually a good thing. And having someone tell you your face is "beat" is actually a compliment.
A gay black man sees his dragqueen friend and says "Alright bitch, that face is BEAT!"
no tea, no shade, no tea no shade, giving face
by Ja'Miko504 September 12, 2010
a word that stupid ppl in williamsville new york use to describe something as boring or just straight up sucky. the gayest use of vocabulary ever.
yo that party was beat last night man
by that guy February 15, 2004
The state (condition) of ones vagina. Commonly found amongst street prostitutes or whores. A poorly maintained vagina that has been fucked by a series of desperate men.
A term frequently used by the camera man of 'FacialAbuse.com' when interviewing whores. If your penis or a friends penis encountered a beat vagina; it's highly recommended to get tested for STI's at the local clinic as soon as possible.
Bro1: Brosif, last night I fucked Laura..

Bro2: lol, who hasn't?

Bro1: Well, that shit looked beat as hella. I thought I was looking at predator with shave bumps, ingrown hairs, and a rash. Jesus Christ, my dick is starting to burn a little.
by CaptainMadaraUchiha August 19, 2014

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